Garth Stevens: Manganyi and the decolonial moment

On 24 November 2016, Garth Stevens, professor of psychology at Wits University, delivered a talk entitled ‘Mulling over Manganyi’s mind: brain, mind and subject in the decolonial moment’ to the JIAS Colloquium on ‘Why the Brain Matters’. Based on Prof Manganyi’s book Apartheid and the Making of a Black Psychologist (Wits University Press, 2016), the talk developed into a significant exploration of the ‘decolonial moment’ in South African intellectual history.

Stevens concludes: ‘Manganyi’s intellectual autobiography amply illustrates that a decolonial praxis which involves a refiguring of subjectivity has to take into account that we cannot simply extricate ourselves from a history of knowledges, that knowledges are fluid across time and contexts, and that such a praxis must also involve the ongoing interrogation of the relationship between science and society as we generate new knowledges, uncover subordinated knowledges, and appropriate old knowledges.’

For a printable version of the presentation, click here.