Launch of book by Dale T McKinley

On Tuesday 13 June 2017, JIAS hosted the launch of a book entitled South Africa’s Corporatised Liberation: A Critical Analysis of the ANC in Power (Jacana 2017), by Dale T McKinley.

The launch was held in collaboration with the Departments of Anthropology and Development Studies and Communication Studies at UJ.

The respondent was Prof Mary Galvin, Department of  Anthropology and Development Studies at UJ.

Dale T McKinley is an independent writer, researcher and lecturer based in Johannesburg, with a PhD in International Political Economy/African Studies. A long-standing political activist, he has been involved in social movement, community and liberation organisations and struggles for more than three decades, and has written widely on various aspects of South African and international political, social and economic issues and struggles. Dale occasionally lectures at the university level, is a regular speaker at academic and civil society conferences, contributes to the print media, and provides commentaries on radio and television.

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