Interview with Craig Calhoun

In June 2014, Prof Peter Vale, Director of JIAS, interviewed the leading social theorist Prof Craig Calhoun on the fringes of the Academy of Science South Africa (ASSAf) conference entitled ‘On Being Controversial: The Humanities Reach Out’, at which Calhoun was the Keynote Speaker.

The interview has been published in the Sage journal Arts and Humanities in Higher Education. For a link to the online version, click here.

For a downloadable PDF, click here.

About Craig Calhoun

Prof Calhoun is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost social thinkers and theorists. A one-time president of the Social Science Research Council, he was University Professor of the Social Sciences at New York University and Director of NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge. At the time of this interview, Calhoun was Director and President of the London School of Economics (LSE). Currently, he is the President of the Berggruen Institute in Los Angeles, and a Centennial Professor at the LSE.