IN the third week of each session, the participants were invited to write personal reflections on one of the presentations. This could be about the presented data, or about thoughts and ideas that emerged during the discussions. The reflections were eventually presented to other participants for comments and discussion. The final versions were sent to JIAS upon their return home.

The reflections of nine of the participants appear below. They comprise the only formal output of the Colloquium, and serve to reflect its continuing impact on the participants and therefore on neuroscience in Africa and other parts of the world.

Manisha Bade

Reflections on the Creative Brain and Social Brain

Sahba Besharati

Mentalising the Colloquium: a reflection on the social, cognitive and affective neuroscience aspects of the Social Brain

Lidia Puerta

What are the bounds of the self in psychiatric disorders?: reflection on the Cognitive Brain

Ngala Elvis Mbiydzeyuy

From neurons to networks: reflection on the Cognitive Brain

Marzieh Moradi

Reflection on the Creative Brain

Phenyo Motswai

Reflection on the Social Brain

Marietjie Oosthuizen

Reflection on the Social Brain

Zachary Walker

Reflection on The Creative Brain