Work programme

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THE annual JIAS work programme is divided into three terms of equal length, namely the summer term (mid-February to mid-May); winter term (from the start of June to end August); and spring term (from mid-September to mid-December).

Three types of sessions are staged in each of these terms, namely:

Open sessions (summer term): During these sessions, JIAS and its facilities are open to scholars from any disciplines, enabling them to pursue intensive reading, research or writing. The idea is to create a free, secure and supportive environment for scholarship and other forms of creative work. Candidates are selected on a competitive basis, on the basis of applications submitted in response to national and international advertising.

University sessions (winter term): These sessions are open to departments and/or faculties within UJ. They are aimed at encouraging UJ staff to broaden the scope of their research as well as their collaboration with other scholars by encouraging and enabling them to connect with leading scholars in their respective fields. In particular, these sessions seek to provide intensive collaboration with scholars at the NTU, as well as with Nobel Laureates.

Topic sessions (spring term): These sessions are aimed at enabling world-leading scholars based outside Africa to interact with African scholars on a particular topic. Each session is directed by an invited scholar, and the participants include a number of fellows, both invited as well as selected on the basis of prior applications. These sessions are not restricted to academics only, and an effort will be made to involve role players in the public and professional sectors as well. They are also intended to incorporate and express diversity, in terms of disciplines as well as age. These are prestigious events that are expected to provide some of the highlights of work at JIAS.