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Speaker: Dr David Solomon Jalajel

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Dr David Solomon Jalajel is a consultant with the Prince Sultan Research Institute at King Saud University and holds a PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He the author of a number of academic works including “Islam and Biological Evolution: Exploring Classical Sources and MethodologiesExpressing I’rab: The Presentation of Arabic Grammatical Analysis and Women and Leadership in Islamic Law: A Critical Analysis of Classical Legal Texts.

The text in the Qur’an, Chapter 4 verse 34, has been extensively dealt with in academic and popular scholarship for what appears to be its explicit encouragement of violence against “recalcitrant” wives. In fact, it would seem some may suggest that that the subject has been beaten to death. This is far from the case. New works continue to appear to add to this discussion. Dr Jalajel’s approach, based on a linguistic analysis, is completely novel and refreshing.

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