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This Actuvirtual Symposium is committed to the call for “restitution” of artworks that were plundered during colonialism. Is “restitution” of art and human remains on display or stored away in museums, research institutions or private collections in western Europe and north America a testing ground for the “good life” and relations in an unknown future? How are we to be answerable for the colonial destruction of ecological life forms, annihilations and erasure of histories? How are we to understand restitution in the neoliberal digit(al) age?

Chair: Fazil Moradi, JIAS, LOST,Sci-Tech Asia


Monica Hanna, College of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, AASTMT

Noral Al-Badri, Multi-disciplinary and conceptual media artist

Luisa Mohr, University of Bayreuth

Wendy Shaw, Free University of Berlin

Ciraj Rassool, University of the Western Cape

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