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In this Actuvirtual Symposium, we discuss Danielle Schwartz’s Mirror Image, a short documentary film (11 min). The film, Danielle writes, engages “the untold story of a large mirror, taken from an Arab village after the 1948 war, which marks the establishment of the state of Israel and which Palestinians remember as Al-Nakba.” We ask how visual culture offers a social and historical space for negotiating memories or histories of the ongoing violence of political modernity.

The film can be viewed 24 hours prior to this Actuvirtual Symposium: https://vimeo.com/86810717

 Aleida Assmann, Professor, University of Konstanz

Nadia Abu El-Haj, Professor, Barnard College and Columbia University

Danielle Schwartz, Researcher and Filmmaker

Fazil Moradi, Convener, Visiting Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities, JIAS, University of Johannesburg

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