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On Wednesday 5 September 2018, JIAS hosted a panel discussion on ‘Business Perspectives on Work and the Future’.

This was the third in our series of four high-level panel discussions on work and the future. The fourth and final discussion, entitled ‘Perspectives from Higher Education’, will take place on Wednesday 12 September 2018.

Business leaders at the cutting edge of technological change served on this panel. Besides offering industry-specific views, they explored ways in which business and society can prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The panelists were M D Ramesh, President and Regional Head, Olam International; and Yolisa Kani, Head of Public Policy, Uber South Africa. The discussion was moderated by Prof Saurabh Sinha, UJ Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

yolisa kani, head of public policy, uber south africa

Yolisa Kani, Head of Public Policy, Uber South Africa.

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