Research Initiatives

From time to time, the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS) convenes and hosts scholars and writers from different disciplines to work on specific research themes and projects.

For the next three years, the research themes and projects JIAS will focus on include a multidisciplinary study on disease and wellbeing in the African continent; the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Society; The special a study on race in South Africa; and the African Biographies Project. Work is underway on all of these themes and projects. Several biographies of prominent African leaders from all walks of life are being written as part of the African Biographies Project. Recently, a successful multidisciplinary workshop on the State of Dis-ease was held, which drew participation from scholars, writers, journalists and students from different disciplines.

JIAS will support scholars, researchers and writers who participate in these research projects by hosting conferences, seminars and by providing fellowship opportunities