Important changes in leadership have taken place at the University of Johannesburg and Nanyang Technological University Singapore, which have jointly established JIAS.

At NTU Singapore, Professor Subra Suresh has succeeded Professor Bertil Andersson as President, and at UJ, Professor Tshildzi Marwala has succeeded Professor Ihron Rensburg as Vice-Chancellor and Principal. Both assumed their duties on 1 January 2018. Prof Suresh was inaugurated on 22 February 2018, and Prof Marwala on 26 March 2018.

Prof Peter Vale, Director of JIAS, has commented as follows: ‘These appointments are important events for these universities, and for JIAS as well. This is underscored by both inaugural addresses, which reflect common themes which are of interest not only to these two institutions, but the broader community of higher education, both nationally and internationally, as well.

‘To celebrate this moment, JIAS, in collaboration with the College of Business and Economics at UJ, will host a series of seminars in the second half of the year on the future of work and its linkages with tertiary education, to which both Professors Suresh and Marwala will be invited to contribute.’

Prof Subra Suresh


More about Prof Suresh

Prof Suresh is an eminent American scientist, engineer and entrepreneur who was chosen in 2010 by then US President Barack Obama to lead the US National Science Foundation (NSF). He has joined NTU Singapore from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), where he was President for the previous four years.

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Prof Tshilidzi Marwala.


More about Prof Marwala

Prof Marwala is an eminent scholar with a distinguished academic and administrative record. He previously served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research and Internationalisation at UJ, and Executive Dean of its Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment.

He is the holder of more than 45 honours and awards, including the Order of Mapungubwe, and was the first African engineer to be awarded the National Research Foundation’s President’s award.

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