An interdisciplinary three-day conference entitled ‘The Prelude to Decolonisation: The Turning of the Tide’ will be held at JIAS from 30 August to 1 September 2017.

The organisers are David Boucher, Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg, and Dr Ayesha Omar, lecturer in politifcal theory at the University of Johannesburg. Prof Boucher is professor of political philosophy and international relations and director of the Collingwood and British Idealism Centre at Cardiff University.

The organisers have called for expressions of interest from potential contributors. These may be sent, with tentative titles and abstracts, to Dr Omar at, or Prof Boucher at

They have commented as follows on the purpose of the conference:

‘The conference is envisaged as a comparative analysis of justifications of and responses to colonialism from the colonised, with a primary, but not exclusive focus, on Africa. The project is at once designed to articulate clearly the circumstances of and justifications for colonisation, but more importantly to retrieve the voices of indigenous opposition prior to the crescendo and irresistible force of decolonisation and postcolonialism.’

The conference will be hosted by JIAS, which will provide participants with accommodation. Additional support has been provided by the University of Johannesburg and the NRF/British Academy Research Chair in Political Theory, Witwatersrand and Cambridge.